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Life Fitness Studio Accessories being used in a small groups training environment at the gym.

From fitting into your exercisers’ hands to fitting into your space—the Studio Collection makes it easy for everyone to get the most out of the boutique experience.


The Studio Collection is practical—like dumbbell and plate heads that are cleverly designed, so they don’t roll away when an exerciser is in the middle of a workout.

Lifting a Life Fitness Studio Accessories weight.
Holding a Life Fitness Studio Accessories weight.

Neat and organized: This is the kind of equipment you’d have in your space if you were looking to make a big impression. It helps set the stage for your lighting, flooring, layout, music and programming to work in unison.

Photo of a small groups strength training class using Life Fitness Studio Accessories.

The beauty of these products goes beyond their aesthetics. They make classes more inviting with warm colors, soft curves and intelligent ergonomics. The racks make setup quick and easy. No more waiting around while someone holds up the class.

Collection of Life Fitness Studio Accessory weights.

Is your facility the next big thing? No matter what kind of training program you have—or how unique it is—we’ve got the equipment and accessories to help you upgrade your studio space.


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