Fit Tip: Multi-Machine Cardio Workouts


exercise xenophobe (noun): 1. Any individual who works out on the same machine every day and is comfortable with their current workout. 2. An exerciser who avoids trying out an unfamiliar machine. See also: In an exercise rut.

Ok, that's a fictional term. But repeating the same cardio routine every day can get a little dull, right? Not to worry; this 30-minute triple cardio workout is guaranteed to put some pep in your step. Simply spend 10 minutes on three different cardio machines for a workout that spices up any routine.

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Try something new.  Make like Magellan and go exploring. Have you steered clear of the cross-trainer or avoided the cardio rowing machine in favor of a familiar treadmill?  Conquer the foreign territory of a new piece of equipment by committing to a 10-minute session. Using your muscles in a different way will reinvigorate your mind, too. Here’s a triple workout to try:

  • Start with three minutes of walking on a treadmill to warm up
  • Seven minutes of walking at a fast pace on the treadmill
  • Switch to an elliptical cross-trainer for the next 10 minutes
  • Finally, hop onto an upright bike and pedal briskly for seven minutes, and decrease your speed for three minutes to cool down  

Throw a wrench in it. Once you’ve acquainted yourself with each different cardio machine, change up your program. Increase the incline or add hand weights to your walking workout on the treadmill. Choose an elliptical to get your upper body moving at the same time. Try increasing the resistance on your stationary bike and make it a hill workout instead of a flat ride.

Minimize time to maximize results. Keeping your workout on each machine shorter in duration means you can pay more attention to your body and its movements instead of zoning out. Make the most of your limited time on each machine by pushing your intensity to achieve results.

Success, multiplied. Exercising on different pieces of equipment engages many more muscles than a workout on one cardio machine does. And, cardiovascular exercise improves heart health, and planning each new triple program will engage your mind as well.

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