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Studio Kettlebell Rack

  • Kettlebell Rack designed by proven storage and organizational features.
  • Full set of the Life Fitness Studio Collection kettlebells.
  • Life Fitness Studio Collection kettlebell racks with full sets of kettlebells.
  • Exerciser using a Life Fitness Studio Collection kettlebell in a gym.

Actual colors may vary slightly from what appears on the screen. Please request a physical sample from your sales rep before ordering.

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Studio Kettlebell Rack

The Studio Collection Kettlebell Pack was designed by leveraging proven storage and organizational features from other industries. The system uses color-coded kettlebells to allow exercisers to quickly and easily identify their weights, use them, then place them back in the correct location—leaving your studio clean and organized.

Kettlebell being held by an exerciser in a gym.

Patent-pending inverted curvature helps distribute forearm pressure during overhead exercises

Variety of Life Fitness kettlebells with extra-thick coating to protect gym floors.

Extra-thick kettlebell coating protects your equipment and flooring

Life Fitness smooth kettlebell with easy to grip handle.

Smooth, easy-to-grip handle

Life Fitness kettlebells in a class.

Inviting, rounded design and soft curves

Life Fitness color coded kettlebell Rack.

Color coded for easy identification


The Studio Collection Kettlebells are designed for a studio training class. Each kettlebell is designed with a smooth-easy-to-grip handle and a patent-pending inverted curvature that helps distribute forearm pressure during overhead exercises. Each weight is color coded for easy identification so exercises can quickly identify and pick up the weights for their workout. The high-quality, extra-thick neoprene protects both your kettlebells and floors.

One rack is designed for 20 exercisers and generally holds a range of 40 kettlebells (this may change depending on your kettlebell selection).

Weights COLOR
5lb Pink
8lb Yellow
10lb Green
12lb Orange
15lb Red
18lb Blue
20lb Purple
25lb Light Grey
30lb Dark Grey
35lb Black
Storage System

The sleek and easily maintained storage system are the backbone of the Studio Collection packs. They help keep all your weights and storage space clean and organized. The uniquely designed storage systems match the colors of the other studio racks—as well as the height—so together, the Studio Collection packs always look clean and organized.

One rack is designed for 20 exercisers and generally holds a range of 40 kettlebells (this may change depending on your kettlebell selection).

Dimensions (L x W x H) 56 in x 28.2 in x 64.3 in
Storage Weight (without weights) 305 lbs
Color options Arctic Silver, Platinum White
About Life Fitness


Life Fitness has been creating innovative fitness equipment since inventing the Lifecycle® Exercise Bike in 1968. Since then, we’ve developed a wide breadth of strength training and cardio equipment designed for all exercisers, ranging from experienced regulars to workout novices.

Life Fitness strength equipment features excellent biomechanics and thoughtful design, both of which result in strength training tools that are inviting and effective.


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