Hammer Strength HD Athletic Rig Ground Base Row

HD Athletic

Easily Create Your Own Performance Training Space

HD Athletic equipment is modular and designed to let you build unique training areas that are efficient, effective and exciting. It is rugged strength training gear built to the standards of the world’s pioneering performance strength brand. 

HD Athletic Racks Hammer Strength racks are found in the world’s top professional athletic training facilities. HD Athletic racks offer a wide range of configurations and add-ons to fit the training needs of elite athletes at all levels.

HD Athletic Rigs Build a rig system designed for your athletes and your fitness facility. HD Athletic rigs can be constructed in a configuration specific to your training regimen. 

HD Athletic Perimeter Versatile, space-saving systems that are designed to be placed along a wall. HD Athletic Perimeter has the training stations and storage options you need to accomodate group and individual Olympic training.

HD Athletic Bridge An overhead bridge connects Olympic training and storage options and offers the opportunity for group suspension training, body weight training and more. Open space underneath can be used for a variety of general group exercise options. 

Hammer Strength HD Athletic Half Rack Combo


Designed with features that provide unmatched structural rigidity and durability, including impact-absorbing bar catches, 3/4” hardware, Spider Gussets and high-wear paint.

Hammer Strength HD Athletic Power Racks Connected Storage Row


Create a performance strength training area tailored to your athletes by combining different rack, rig and storage options with a wide variety of accessories.

Hammer Strength HD Athletic Clean Jerk


HD Athletic racks and rigs can be used to create a vibrant HIIT training area in health clubs.

Hammer Strength HD Athletic Power Rack Adjustments


Maximum versatility with minimum holes in the frame for a clean and attractive look. Four high-wear colors for uprights and cross member options, and standard Hammer Strength color choices for the frames.


Series Frame Color Options :

High Wear Red Frame
Platinum Frame
Platinum Frame
Red Frame
Red Frame
Yellow Frame
Yellow Frame
Ice Blue Metallic Frame
Blue Frame
Blue Frame
Blue Frame
Mocha Sand Frame
Mocha Sand frame swatch
Titanium Frame
Titanium Frame
Charcoal Frame
Charcoal frame swatch
Black Frame
Black Frame
Midnight Metallic Frame
Midnight Metallic Frame
White Frame
White Frame
High Wear Blue Frame
High Wear Charcoal Gray Frame
High Wear Platinum Frame

Series Upholstery Color :

America Beauty Red Upholstery
Candy Apple Red Upholstery
Life Fitness Upholstery candy apple red
Cranberry Upholstery
Life Fitness upholstery Black Oynx
Burgundy Upholstery
Grotto Upholstery
LifeFitness - Frame Color - grotto
Hunter Green Upholstery
Hunter Green Upholstery
Regimental Blue Upholstery
Regimental Blue Upholstery
Navy Upholstery
Imperial Blue Upholstery
Azure Upholstery
Royal Blue Upholstery
Concord Upholstery
Life Fitness Frame upholstery concord
Black Upholstery
Slate Upholstery
Graphite Upholstery
Graphite Upholstery
Dark Walnut Upholstery
Dove Gray Upholstery
Chestnut Upholstery
Terra Cotta Upholstery
Wheat Upholstery
Suede Upholstery
Life Fitness Upholstery suede
Black Carbon Fiber Upholstery

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