Life Fitness S2

  • LF S2 with DB and Deck

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Life Fitness S2

The S2, Suspension & Storage, is a space-saving wall solution for suspension training and accessory storage for customers looking for a space saving functional training hub.

The S2 offers:

  • Space efficiency: without taking up a lot of valuable area.
    • Minimal footprint with 48” depth from the wall
    • Unlimited expandability from a single training bay (the S2 Core) to unlimited additional training bays, ideal for both individuals and small group training.
  • Functional training hub:
    • Suspension Training:
    • TRX® Suspension Training attachment points with 48” spacing
    • Straight Chin Bar to also allow attaching additional TRX® Suspension Trainers
    • Accessory Storage:
    • 3 accessory storage shelves
    • 2 band storage pegs per frame leg
  •  Inviting design: compared to other offerings, the S2 offers an inviting aesthetic that eliminates exerciser intimidation and encourages member participation
Specifications Core Section Add section
Size 46.5” (D) x 56” (W) 93” (H) or 119 cm 143 237 cm Each units adds 48” (122 cm) to overall product width when added to the core.
Weight 260 LB (118 KG) 179 LB (81 KG)
Live Area

12’ (D) x 8.7’ (W) 9.5’ (H) or 366 cm x 266 cm x 290 cm

Each units adds 48” (122 cm) to overall Live Area width when added to the core




  • 3 – Large Accessory Storage Shelves
  • Flat bottom of shelf measures: 45” (114 cm) wide x 12” (31 cm) deep
  • 2 - Suspension training attachment points
  • 48” (122 cm) spacing
  • 4 – Band storage pegs
  • 1 – 1.25” OD chin bar
  • 86” (218.5 cm) from floor to centerline of bar.
  • Chin bar can be flipped up to be 91” (231 cm) from the floor.
  • Chin Bar height from floor is 86”.
  • If you flip the handle during assembly, the height would be 91”.
  • Shelves:
    • 22” between shelves.
    • 13.25” (33.7 cm) clearance under bottom shelf, for storage of additional items on floor, like Bosu, Core Bags, Steps, etc.
    • 12” (30 cm) x 45” (114 cm) flat bottom of shelf.
    • Angle sides prevent balls from rolling off shelf.
  • Recommended for these accessories: 4 pairs of Rubber Hex Dumbbells for 5-20 lb, 3 pairs of Rubber Hex Dumbbells for 25-35 lb, Rubber Kettlebells, Med Balls, Foam Rollers, Stability balls (top shelf only)
  • Floors Anchors ship with the product.

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