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Halo Fitness Cloud

Standard Plan

Free insights into equipment use and exerciser traffic patterns.

Halo Standard Plan

How Does it Work?

Simply connect your compatible cardio equipment and sign up to get started.

Halo Heat Map

Heat Map

A clear visual indication of the areas on your cardio floor that are the busiest guides equipment rotation and helps you understand traffic patterns.

Halo Service Notifications

Service Notifications

View service notifications regarding equipment rotation and maintenance. Track service requests and the status of parts shipped from the Parts Website as well as the status of technician assignments. Review a snapshot of equipment health through all of the service updates over the course of a year.

A monthly facility email provides information on equipment rotation, belt inspection and equipment that may be offline.

Halo Equipment Settings

Equipment Settings

Add your own custom messages and images to the home screens on compatible connected cardio equipment to promote facility events and specials.

Halo Under the Hood

Under the Hood

Preventive Plan
Add routine preventive maintenance tasks to your calendar and assign them to staff.

Software Updates
Automatic software updates are pushed to compatible connected consoles.

Parts Website [US/Canada only]
The Halo Fitness Cloud automatically connects you to the Parts Store where you can seamlessly order replacement and repair parts.

Halo Fitness Cloud

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