Hammer Strength HD Elite Racks


Achieving strength on the field means building strength off of it. You provide the talent — we support you with rugged equipment that works as hard as you do. Life Fitness and Hammer Strength provide extreme durability, state-of-the-art innovation and, most importantly, results. Whether it's two-a-days or game day, we're with you each step of the way.


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of all pro football and baseball teams use Life Fitness and Hammer Strength equipment


NBA teams use Hammer Strength


NHL teams get the Hammer Strength advantage

Did you know?

Did you know?

100% of professional football and baseball teams, 97% of pro basketball teams and 24 professional hockey teams use Life Fitness and Hammer Strength equipment.

Life Fitness and Hammer Strength are used by the best. Driven athletes and winning teams need to push themselves, and they need equipment that takes a beating and pushes back.

Whether you're looking for that final goal line drive, the big bucket or ninth inning run, Life Fitness and Hammer Strength help you train in the trenches get the job done.

What we deliver

what we deliver

Innovation with a Flak Jacket  

Every muscle is a tool to be built stronger tomorrow than it was today. With Hammer Strength, you're secure for both the present and future. Aside from our essential collection of benches, racks, plate-loaded and selectorized equipment, we've developed the innovative HD Elite rack. It's Hammer Strength's most durable rack line, and it's built for ultimate customization and performance small group training.

High-Traffic Toughness

Working with athletes means a lot of steps, a lot of reps and a lot of bodies. Life Fitness and Hammer Strength plan for these high-traffic environments from the get-go, and durability is in the foundation of our equipment. We're in it for the long haul. 

Hammer Strength Plate Loaded in Tremont Athletic Club

How We Deliver

Our plate-loaded, Ground Base and MTS equipment replicates natural body motions, creates converging and diverging movements, and maintains independent arm use for varying resistance and extension goals. 

Extreme Testing

Through rigorous testing we push our products past the point of normal usage and ensure that even the most intense training environment doesn't make them flinch. Life Fitness and Hammer Strength are built to stand the test of time. We ensure that every product is tough enough to handle the most intense training regimen.


Life Fitness Male Exerciser in SYNRGY 360


Winning isn't a guarantee, but Life Fitness and Hammer Strength have paved the road to get there. Our durability, innovation and results speak for themselves. Now it's time to suit up and get your athletes ready for the moment that counts  — game day.


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