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Discover SE3 Interactive Courses

Tour a landscape or compete globally.

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Have you ever wanted to run in scenic Tuscany or the rolling hills of Ireland?

With interactive courses you can do this and more. Choose between Lifescape courses from the RunSocial app. Each course simulates the experience of running outdoors at popular locales. The course view speeds up or slows down with the speed of the treadmill. It even changes incline to replicate virtual hills on the course.

Discover SE3 RunSocial


When connected to the internet, you can compete with other runners in your facility or around the world using virtual avatars. To race another exerciser in your facility, just start the same course at the same time.




Discover SE3 Interactive Course Selection

To pick a course, select the "Go To Workouts" button on the home screen, then select Interactive Courses on the top center portion of the screen.

The RunSocial courses have the RunSocial app icon in the upper right hand corner.


Discover SE3 Lifescape


If you're not connected to the internet, you can still choose to work out in the scenic Lifescape courses that place you in various famous landscapes with your connected cardio.






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