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Discover SE3 Watch TV

watch tv

You can watch traditional TV by choosing the TV icon. Select channels using the numbered keypad or by the channel list. To watch TV in full screen, tap the expand button in the lower left hand corner. Wait 5 seconds and the lower workout bar will disappear. Tap anywhere on the screen to have it reappear.




Discover SE3 Stream Media

Stream media

To access content for any of the streaming entertainment apps, you need to log in with your personal account information. When you end a workout, your account credentials are automatically removed and forgotten so no one else can access them. For security reasons, you need to log in every time you start a new workout.



Connecting headphones

The console supports two types of headphones.

Discover SE3 Traditional Headphones


Plug them into the headphone jack located underneath the reading rack.




Discover SE3 Bluetooth Headphones

Bluetooth® headphones

Tap on the gear icon at the top of the screen, and then tap the Bluetooth® icon in the middle. Make sure your headphones are in pairing mode and then press Scan on the console screen. When your device shows up on the screen, click the plus symbol to pair it, and you're all set.

Note: Headphones using a low energy Bluetooth® signal are not compatible.

app list

Netflix, YouTube, Pandora Radio, ESPN, BBC News, Newsy, Flipboard and the Economist.

We continue to add apps as they become available - so stay tuned for updates. If any streaming entertainment apps are not currently available in your specific country or region, you will not have access to them for now. Apps are found on the right side of the main screen. Simply swipe left or right to navigate the menu and tap the app icon you'd like to open.




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