Three Important Features of the IC8 Power Trainer and Why They Matter

Doyle ArmstrongAbout the author: Doyle Armstrong has been working in the fitness industry for more than15 years, and he’s taught in over 35 countries and on five continents. He is a Senior Master Trainer for ICG who ensures that the high standard of ICG training is delivered. He is a passionate cycling enthusiast and has a vast knowledge of creating intense and motivating indoor cycling experiences.

The IC8 Power Trainer breathes fresh life into the commercial indoor cycling market. Its functional design is matched only by its aesthetics, and the quality of the fit is matched only by the quality of the data. Here are three IC8 features that will help you get the most from each of your IC8 Power Trainer sessions.


This is really three features rolled into one that allow for specific adaptations to your training.

The IC8’s advanced geometry has been developed on a V-shaped frame design which gives a wide range of users the opportunity to find the ideal fit. When riding, it improves the user's ability to apply power to the pedals. The fully micro-adjustable bike setup is a huge advantage in allowing the rider to be as efficient and effective through the pedal stroke as possible by recruiting all of the necessary muscles involved in maximizing power production. Both vertical and horizontal adjustments to the seat and handlebar positions can be fine-tuned to the millimeter. The height and distance of the handlebars from the seat promote correct joint angles and give every rider the chance of maximizing their outcomes by matching the position of an outdoor bike.

IC8 TFT Computer
Pro handlebars: The ergo-formed handlebars on the IC8 offer multiple hand positions giving exercisers the chance to work on the hoods, in the drops, or in a classic TT position. A slim, real-to-road width of the handlebars helps to keep the whole body in the most relevant position for transferable training adaptations.

Q-Factor: The measure that dictates the width of the pedals from each other. It impacts which muscles are recruited and in which quantities during the cycling action. The IC8 has a Q-Factor of 155mm which closely matches most high-quality road and time trial bikes.

These factors combined mean that the IC8 can precisely mimic the physical set up achieved on an outdoor road bike and promote the use of muscles in the specific conditions required when riding. This leads to specific adaptations which are necessary in developing physical capabilities indoors that can be translated and used outdoors.


The IC8 Power Trainer utilizes ICG’s Coach By Color training system, which helps every rider understand their Coach by Color screens on the IC8 Power Trainerpower output quickly and easily. Riders can perform a short test on the bike which helps them ascertain their FTP. This value is then input to the bike, personalizing it to its rider. Each power zone is then identified by one of five colors, which are easily recognizable on the console’s high resolution TFT screen. Riders can identify their power zone easily by their console color while using other metrics to form their training experience.

The IC8 console is mounted forward on the handlebars allowing ample space for users to clearly see the console and data for the time spent in any riding position.


This is where the IC8 surpasses other trainers. The +/-1% accuracy variance of the IC8 power meter gives the greatest data quality available throughout the full working range. The IC8 supports cadences up to 200 rpm and a power range up to 3800 watts while always giving the best data available. The exceptional quality and the ability to adjust magnetic resistance precisely means that riders can trust what they see and be specific in their desired training outcomes. Maintaining efforts in small power zones is easier and more manageable, making the result of training more predictable when the numbers you see can be trusted.

The IC8 maximizes the training effect by making the riding position specific, giving the greatest quality data and presenting that data in a simple format so everyone can understand how to achieve specific training goals. If exercisers need guidance with their training, they can download the ICG Training App and see all 59 workouts available on it. Happy training!



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