Olympic Class Hammer Strength Gym Opens In Stuttgart


Who doesn't like the Olympics? Once every two years, spectators from around the world watch a multitude of events performed by most talented athletes on the planet. Following the 2012 Summer Olympics in London, the 2014 Winter Olympics will converge this February in Sochi, Russia, and Hammer Strength equipment will function as an essential hub.

Participants in Olympic events from ice hockey to bobsleigh have one thing in common: peak conditioning and training. The method to the madness begins with finding a facility that caters to the highest intensity of workouts. 

The Olympiastuetzpunkt (OSP) Stuttgart is one of 17 Olympic training sites in Germany and is furnished with a wide variety of cutting-edge Hammer Strength equipment. The facility, which opened on September 25, serves Olympic and Olympic-prospective athletes and has trainers, officials and the athletes themselves thrilled to get to work.

Part of OSP’s success comes from three intense years of planning. Sports science professionals from OSP and experts from the University Stuttgart outlined the requirements for the facility into four criteria. The facility needed machines with:

•Functional training

•Robust design 

•Ease of use

•Low maintenance

OSP-Stuttgart trains 320 Olympic athletes who won a collective 20 Olympic medals during the London 2012 Games. More than anything, it is what's inside OSP's facilty that keep them coming back for more. We're proud that Hammer Strength is once again featured in this highest class of workout equipment. It might be worth considering when building your home gym or training facility.



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